Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Sweet Magnolias Farm Seal of Yummy Goodness Recipe .."Chocolate Skillet Cake"

Here at the Farmhouse ..we love good old Fashioned Cooking.. right from the Cast Iron Skillet...

We are a family that still Loves our roots of Mid-Western Cooking ..From Skillet Fried Chicken.. Homemade Mashed Pataters... Fried Green Beans ..and Buttermilk Biscuits ..

And .. Ya Just can't forget some good dessert to go with a good meal like that ..

So what better dessert to pair with a Good Old Fashioned Meal like that ..than some Fabulous "Chocolate Skillet Cake" .. what we call Yummy Goodness !

Abbey found this tempting recipe ..while pinteresting and just had to give it a try ..anything in Cast Iron Skillets and we're hooked.

And we're giving it our Sweet Magnolias Farm Seal of "Yummy Goodness"

So first you start off with all these ingredients and the Cast Iron Skillet Below ...

You Whisk it all together on your stove ...

You Throw it in the oven for about 20 minutes ..and it comes out looking amazing ..

Then ..No Cakes worth eating without some frosting you throw all these ingredients together in your sauce pan on the stove ( No lactaid milk is not required ..just the only milk we use here at the farmhouse) .. for the most tantalizing chocolate frosting .. and then ...

You pour it all onto the Hot Cake ..

The Recipe we found ..called for Walnuts in the Frosting but I'm allergic to Nuts we opted out on those ..and it also called for Caramel Sauce and Whip Cream ..and a scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream .. but we gave it our own Farmhouse Twist ..and instead .. paired the Skillet Cake with our Favorite .. Dulce De Leche Haagen Dazs Ice Cream ....

Serve Hot From the Oven ...

So is your mouth Watering ... Mine is ..I'm ready for another Chocolate Skillet Cake ... !

If you would like to make one yourself's so simple .. So quick ..and you can find the pin for it ..On our "Butter My Buns and Call me a Biscuit" Pin Board Here

OR can visit the Blog it Originated from .. HERE

From the Sweet Magnolias Farmhouse to yours ... Enjoy !



  1. When are you coming over???lol
    Since blogger changed things around I am not getting your new blog posts. I almost missed this one.
    Let's have a cast iron skillet party soon. Ciao Rita

  2. I had to chuckle upon seeing your cute little Flossie. My name is Flossie! My cute little furry friend is named Daisy. Keep up the great vintage recipes.


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