Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Maggie Malone ....

... It's the beginning of the week and as Promised here's my post on my Super Sweet Maggie Malone ..for those of you who have written and asked me about how she's doing.Thank you so much for asking it's alway so nice that people do care enough to ask .. and don't feel bad for asking if she had died yet ..that's just part of the circle of life...and although it hurts ..it's a natural part of life.

I posted over a few months ago that my Sweet Maggie had been diagnosed with mouth cancer and had a short time to live which would be 2 weeks to maybe 2 months... Well she's defying that diagnosis to a tee !

( for those of you who don't know Maggie is 14 1/2 yrs. old and our sweet Scout is still going she's 16 1/2 years old 108 in dog years.)

(Photos Taken Sept. 21st.)

The first few weeks after she was diagnosed ..it indeed looked like she would only be with us for a very short time ..our thinking was possibly days ....She would be weak ..and you could see she didn't feel well ..but she had a veracious appetite and still had strength enough to get herself up and do her outdoor business and the Dr. told us it would be fine to let her die at home unless her faculties were so severe that it was unkind and in that case bring her in ..which we prepared for immediately by calling the local doggie mortuary.

Our dogs have always had fresh food meals ( no dog food) .. but Abbey looked up Cancer diet for Dogs on the old internet ..gotta love the internet it does have it's upside !

And we found her a diet. We proceeded with feeding her that and continued giving her medication to her ...

We are now at the 3 month Mark ..and she is doing fabulous .. Her tumor in her mouth has grown some in the last week ...but is still not so bad .. It's the first sign of growth we have seen since she was diagnosed ..

She still has a ton of energy .... and is the old Happy Face I've always called her ...if you didn't know ..The day Maggie was born ..God was handing out Happy and she was first in line .. She's the happiest dog I have ever seen ..

She Still eats us out of house and home ..Twice a day .. Our food bill has greatly increased .. but she's our girl and if the food helps her then we'll buy it for her !

She has lost weight .. She has experienced muscle loss in her head and jaw .. .. But all too be expected. She doesn't like being left alone anymore ..not even 4 ft away in another room ..she wants to be right next to me ..or she crys' and yelps until I get her ...She's got me moving to the beat of her own drum .... And that's about the extent of her illness showing right now.

In the beginning I woke up each day wondering if today was the day .. Now I just wake up and expect old happy face to be waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me. I know it's still a matter of time ..and it looks like the matter of time is up to her. She's making the calls here on when she wants to go ..because we've bi-passed the Dr.s diagnosis completely.

After we changed her diet ..we saw an amazing difference in her ..She seems to have responded to it ..and it's given her and us a little longer to love one another and her quality of life has increased rather than decreased thus far... We have even teased a little that she's decided she's not going ! Her new diet consists of .. Paritally cooked chicken Breast ..mostly raw... raw shredded Carrot, raw shredded Yam, Green Beans, Strawberries, Bananas, and Apple. She gets a combination of some of the ingredients in the morning and the evening.

Our sweet animals mean so much to us .. they have spent a lifetime loving us unconditionally ..bringing smiles to our faces ..and happiness to our hearts. They have been God's blessing and we are so grateful for the love and time we have been given with them.



  1. well, i'm so sorry to hear of her saga but so happy that you're still getting more days with miss maggie. scout and her look like lovely pooches. enjoy each day and keep throwing sticks for her.

  2. She is a beautiful old lady, and I sincerely hope that she will be with you to make many more happy memories.

  3. It is so hard to see our beloved pets go through this.. I hope you make many more happy memories with her.

  4. Sara,
    Give that beautiful Miss Maggie a pat and ATTA-GOOD-GIRL for me. I'm so glad yall have more time together... I know how much you love her. Hello to Miss Abby TOO! Holykisses xoxo


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