Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A busy life and a fun filled weekend ..

It's amazing how life changes ....
In January of 2010 My life had come to a cross roads ..
A decision was before me ..and of course I went to the Lord in prayer over it.

I have always been a long time ..Junker , Antiquer and Creator .. I grew up with it and as I got older it grew on me.

In 2010 I was struggling and wondering where to go with life ..what do for work ..and how to accomplish it all. I really needed some answers and guidance ..and of course I was patiently awaiting the Lord for that guidance ..and as we say here at Sweet Magnolias Farm.. "Work While you Wait"

"Working While you Wait" was a quote from a little book given us from a friend many years back ..however I can't remember the name of the book as we passed it on to a friend ..and I hope it has been passed on since ..as it was an amazing book that really gave you encouragement and hope in Christ ..when life seems to be at a holding point.

Anyhow that quote struck a cord with us ...as we were truly in a holding pattern in life and wondering when circumstances were going to change ..and what do you do... will "Work While you Wait" was just perfection for us at the time ..and it worked out in the end ..In God's perfect timing our holding pattern lifted and we moved forward.

Well once again in early 2010 my life faced a similar situation ..and I decided to "Work While I Waited" .. and In January ..or February can't remember which date ..I was contacted to take part in the Chateau De Fleurs 1st Marketplace. I took 2 weeks to think and pray it over ...AND

The rest is History as they say ... Here I am over a year later and I'm still doing what I love ..being blessed beyond words ..and so Thankful for where I'm at today in life ..

I'm busier I think today than I have been in years ..always working in some capacity.. or filled with friendships that I have made in the last year that are such a blessing to me.

I've met such amazing clients that I now call my friends .. life is in bloom and what a beautiful bouquet I have been given.

Speaking of Friends

This last weekend ..Abbey and I spent the Day with a Very Good Friend Sheila of Tattered Goods ... we went off to the local flea market ..and never expected to see friends from the Vintage marketplace we all sell at ..

Of course I was busy doing some serious buying (you know the kind you can't leave because you don't want to miss something) ..so I didn't get to take part in the photo ..but Abbey did ..then Shiela of Tattered Goods .. Eloise of Junk Fairy , Christie Repasy of Chateau De Fleurs and Robin of Furniture Queen ..

Who knew we were all thinking about going flea marketing !

What a Blessing ..to find friends along lifes highways in unexpected ways !

And of course we had a great time at the Flea Market .. We came home with fun finds ..in fact we were a little concerned we weren't going to fit in the truck ..but Alas our specialty packer Abbey who can get just about anything into any car ..made it all fit just like a puzzle ..Thank Goodness !

So as today turns to tomorrow ..and the day after and the day after .. I continue to work ..I contiue to give thanks to the Lord for a good life and good friends ...and whenever that day comes that life must take a turn ...but it won't quite make the turn in my timing ..I shall again Work While I Wait ..because His way is the perfect way I have found !

Wishing you all a Beautiful Week ahead ..and just a quick reminder that our Barn Sale in our Etsy Shop ends this coming Saturday the 25th ..

Plus I have added well over 20 new offerings in the last week ..if you'd like to take a look click HERE



  1. Oh Sara,
    your post is always the sweetest. I am so glad you and Abbey are part of our lives. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

  2. I love your spirit Sara. I take the same attitude when it comes to my booth. My Mr. goes into CR with me and heads directly to the counter to look at my totals, at first he was surprised at my "lack of interest" until I explained to him that I have given all control up to HIM and that my job is to work diligently and that no matter what I do He will bless me with however much He feels is appropriate. That being said, He has been very good to me and continues to rapidly lead me into bigger ventures that bring me more exposure and all the things that come with it.

    Once again I agree with you "to Him be the glory"!

    Continued blessings,

  3. Your post always inspire and encourage me! Thank you so much! :)

  4. Sara, what a wonderful post! Where were you?? LOL!! Have a great week!
    Much Junk Love!

  5. Sara, what a Sweet post! Where were you? LOL! Nice to see all. Happy Junking!
    Peace Love,Junk!


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