Monday, May 20, 2013

Long May she Wave ~ the Red, White and Blue ... Marketplace Monday

Hi Y'all .. !
Well somewhere along the way last week time got away from me and I just got so amazingly busy that I was only able to blog but once. But I'm back this week and rearing and ready to go..
It's Monday's a whole new week .. Freshly Made.. and ready to be lived.
That's the beauty of each new day .. it's just that, " New ".. we can wake up in the morning and start everything from scratch.
So How was your weekend ?
It was just beautiful here. Full of Sunshine and warm rays with just the right breeze. I spent a little time outdoors this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Well it's Monday and it's time to start Monday off with none other than "The Marketplace" hosted by Debra at Common Ground.
And speaking of Freshly Made  ....... This week Abbey and I have Freshly Made new offerings that we worked on this last week.
You know 4th of July will be headed our way here in just about 5 short weeks .. and it's time to begin the celebration ..
So we thought it was time to get the Patriotic Flour Sack Towels out and Cheer up the Kitchen ..
Our " American As Apple Pie " was so loved by so many last year .. and now that it's available again we hope you enjoy it ever so much this year too !.
Available HERE
And for your pleasure we added a new Patriotic Design for 2013 ...

Our New " Sweet Land of Liberty " ...
This Beauty say's it all .. with it's faded vintage American Flag and it's aged red stars.

Available HERE

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
 Memorial Day weekend is coming up this next weekend's time to get your flags and bunting out and let them fly for the next 5 weeks .. and celebrate America ... Remember all those who have given their lives and who have fought for our Right's and our Freedoms ! We can never stop fighting to keep those rights and those freedoms .. and may each time we hang "Old Glory" or pass her by as she waves from a house as we drive by .. or hangs above us strung on one of those tall poles as we pass underneath her ... or as she drapes herself across the front porch on a home .. No matter what .... we must remember what she stands for and those who have fought for her so that we may enjoy a land brimming with Milk and Honey and Freedom. Keep America Strong ~ Keep America Free  ~ Keep Fighting for the Right's and Freedom's she bestows us ! May God Bless America !

~ Long May She Wave ~



  1. Beautiful pictures and those towels are gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear Sara, HUGS!

  2. Thanks for showing my picture! I hope to tie my mason jars on my back porch poles tomorrow and definitely add my flags! Loved this post! Sandie Steadman/Steadman's Corner


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